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LA Abortion is here to help you

We know that healthcare doesn't just mean taking care of your body‚ requires care for the heart and mind as well. We specialize in woman-centered, non-judgmental counseling. Our counselors will listen to you, guide with you, and respect your values. Our counseling services are free or very affordable, and our schedule is flexible. Please call us if you like to arrange a time to talk. You may also be interested in our counseling links to resources online, or on reading more about after an abortion.

Pregnancy Options Counseling

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can raise some complex issues, regardless of what you decide. Some women just need to talk through the decision with someone outside their life. Other women know what they plan to do about the pregnancy, but need to talk to someone about issues related to the decision, like relationships, values, or personal development. No matter what’s on your mind, we want to help you approach the abortion decision with a calm spirit and a healthy heart.

After-Abortion Counseling

While many women do not experience difficult feelings following their abortion, some do, and it is important to acknowledge these feelings as part of the healing process. We understand that a decision can be right and still be sad. We are here to listen and offer support. The time surrounding an abortion decision can be intense emotionally, for many women it provokes an examination of some big issues about her future, her relationship, or her values.  No matter what you decide, facing an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult.

The predominant feeling most women report after an abortion is relief, but it's very common to also feel regret, empowerment, sadness, guilt, happiness, or a combination of mixed feelings.  Many women talk about feeling confident about their decision, and also feeling sad about having an abortion.  Honor your own feelings‚ there is no right way to feel.  Allow yourself the same freedom to have feelings as you would after any major life event or big decision.

Even though abortion is very common, it can be hard to talk about, especially because of all the political, religious, and cultural stigma involved.  If you want to talk to someone after the abortion, feel free to call our office and talk to a counselor for free.